What Constitutes the Best Web Design?  

Any company that wants to establish an online presence needs a website. But it shouldn’t be any other website. It has to be a site with the best web design. But the real question is this: when do you say that a website is great? What are the elements of the best web design? 

Web Design

Contrary to popular belief, a great web design isn’t just what you see, but it’s also what makes the website work. There are many elements to it other than images. It’s a combination of everything that makes a website either good or bad. Here are some important points worth considering.  

  • A websiteisgreat if it talks about your brand. 

The main reason you’re building a website is to let people know about you, your business, or your organization. That means every page, image, color, font, and content should all point to that. If it doesn’t, then it’s not doing the job.  

  • The web design shouldeffectivelycommunicate your purpose. 

Whatever was your intention to build the website, it should be clear right from the start. If it is supposed to be an e-commerce site, then your visitors should see your products right away. The same is true if the site is built to inform and educate customers, to help them connect with you, or to reach out to even more people. The purpose should be very clear.  

  • The contentshould be easy to digest. 

Some websites are a strain to the eye because of the wrong choice of font and color. Take extra time in choosing the right font and colors for your site as they contribute to its overall appeal. Your choice of font size and typefaces make a big difference. The font may look good to the eyes, but can your reader really read every single word? 

  • The siteshould be easy to navigate.  

A good website design is nothing if your visitors get lost in the turmoil. A beautiful website is easy to navigate if it follows a logical page hierarchy. Ideally, your visitors should be able to go right where they want to be in just three clicks. If not, they’ll give up and possibly never visit again.  

  • It should load fast.

Today, speed is everything. Given the fact that the attention span of people on the internet is just a few seconds, your website should not take too long to load. This usually happens because there are too many images or applications running in the background. Decide if adding an element is worth the few extra seconds it requires to load.  

These are just some of the things that you should check if you want to evaluate how good your website design is. These will also help you decide which design you’d like to choose, and not just leave every important decision to the web designer. Your input as the website owner is going to be essential so make it count. After all, it is your reputation that will be on the line in the end.  

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