Things to Consider About Your Driveway

Most Important Questions to Ponder When Building Driveways

  • How Important is a Paver Driveway to You House?
  • Considering a brand-new interlocking paver driveway or looking for driveway ideas?
  • Which surface of a driveway is perfect when choosing between gravel, concrete, asphalt and pavers?
  • What are the advantages of a paver driveway compared to concrete driveways or asphalt driveways?
  • What type of routine maintenance do paver driveways need?
  • These are all very vital things or questions you need to consider when talking about choosing a new driveway.

Concrete or Interlocking Paver Driveways

Basically, pavers are all the same in terms of the installation process and the appearance, whether you call them concrete pavers, brick pavers, interlocking pavers or just pavers. However, not all pavers are created the same.

Interlocking or concrete paver driveways are formed and then dried in a controlled setting. While on the other hand, brick pavers are typically baked at extreme heat.

While the brick pavers, concrete pavers and interlocking pavers provide you with a solid driveway surface which primarily shed off water to your parking lot, permeable paver driveways allow water to pass through the ground or sub-grade underneath the pavers which allow lesser runoff water. Also, permeable paving driveways are eco-friendlier as it allows less pollutants to wind up into the creeks, rivers, lakes and streams.

How Common are the Driveways Made of Paver?

The further you travel in the south portion of the US, the more likely you’ll be able to see paver driveways and concrete driveways. However, on the northern part of the US, the more likely you’ll see asphalt-built driveways. This is because of the amount of thaw and freeze cycles, which usually occur in the much colder regions as well as the minimal thaw and freeze cycle that we see in the much warmer regions.

Furthermore, paver kind of driveways can be pliable since there are a lot of edges that you should be allows for movement from thaw and freeze cycles, thus, cracking of the road rarely happens. However, minor heaving can still become a problem since it is much easier for the water to reach the free and thaw’s sub-grade. Also, you have to bear in mind that if you’re living in a region that’s snowing, shoveling your paver driveways could also be a heavy chore since there are a lot of edges you need to shovel.

If you want to know more about what’s the best driveway for your location, it’s best that you contact a professional about it. This is because the professionals are already experienced and knowledgeable on all kinds of driveways and they are just a call away.

It’s also best that you find the most experienced and reliable one and you can do that with the help of word of mouth. So, it’s better to ask your friends, colleagues, or family members if they have hired a company in the past, or you can also search the web since it’s been the primary marketing strategy of these kinds of companies nowadays. Hiring a professional concrete and paver driveways Birmingham will surely make the entire process hassle-free.

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